Dr Mariana Dyakova MD, MPH, PhD, FFPHHead of International Health, Deputy Director

Dr Jo DaviesHead of Public Health Economics & Value

Ashley GouldProgramme Director – Behavioural Science Unit / Consultant in Public Health

Dr Liz GreenConsultant in Public Health, Policy and International Health/Programme Director for Health Impact Assessment

Dr Rebecca HillProgramme Director (Public Health Policy)

Rebecca MastersConsultant in Public Health

Professor Jo PedenConsultant in Public Health and International Health

Elsie CarolinPA to Dr Liz Green and Senior Administrator

Alice ClineSenior Behaviour Change Specialist

Sue ColePersonal Assistant

Michael DarkePerformance and Governance Manager

Hannah GentlePA to Rebecca Masters

Jo HarringtonAdministrator and Research Officer

Zuwaira Paula Hashim International Health Coordinator

Laura HoltSenior International Health Officer

Karen HughesResearch & Capacity Development Manager

Rajendra KadelPublic Health Economist

Nicky KnowlesSenior Behavioural Science Specialist

Cathy MadgeSenior Programme Manager, Value-based Public Health & Well-being Economy

Abigail Malcolm (née Instone)International Evidence Development Officer

Joanne MorrisPA/Project Support Officer

Jason RobertsSenior Behaviour Science Research and Evaluation Officer

Leah Silva Senior Policy and International Evidence Development Officer

James SmolinskiSenior Behavioural Science Specialist

Daniela StewartInternational Evidence Development Officer

Anna Stielke Bsc, MscInternational Evidence Development Officer

Sara Cooklin UrbanoPublic Health Scientist (International Health)

Jonathan WestHead of Behavioural Science

Sara WoodPublic Health Researcher