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Rajendra Kadel joined Public Health Wales (WHO CC – International Health) in March 2019 as a Health Economist. He is an experienced Health Economist with a strong public health background. Rajendra is responsible for making the economic case of public health programmes delivered by Public Health Wales. He is particularly interested in econometrics, cost-effectiveness analysis, social return on investment (SROI), health technology assessment, decision analytic modelling, and big data science related to public health.

Prior to joining Public Health Wales, Rajendra worked at the London School of Economics (mental health economics – 2013 to 2019), Save the Children (maternal and child health programme – 2011), Medical Emergency Relief International (maternal and child health programme and disaster management – 2007 to 2010) and the Department of Health Services/Nepal (universal health coverage – 2002 to 2004).

Rajendra holds a Bachelor Degree in Public Health, a Master Degree in Public Health, a European Master in Regional Health Systems, and a Master of Arts in Sociology. Rajendra completed his Master of Philosophy (Health Economics) from the London School of Economics (LSE) in 2018 during his job tenure at LSE.

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