International Health Division

A focal point for international networking, evidence synthesis, sharing learning and expertise across Wales and the world, strengthening our national and public health role in Europe and globally.

The International Health Division focuses on maximising applied learning from international policy, practice and research to support public health innovation; developing globally responsible people and organisations across the NHS; facilitating international collaboration and investment in Wales; and strengthening Wales’ global health impact through sharing our assets and contributing to global health security and sustainable development.

We work closely with key stakeholders across Wales and the UK, such as the Welsh Government, the Welsh Local Government Association, the Wales for Africa Programme, the Faculty of Public Health, and others; as well as with international partners, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI), EuroHealthNet and others.

Public Health Policy Division

Supporting the development, implementation and evaluation of policies in Wales in order to improve health and reduce inequalities.

We aim to influence and inform policy at a national and local level, working closely with colleagues across Public Health Wales and other stakeholder organisations to achieve our goals. The Division consists of the Policy Team, Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit, and the Health and Sustainability Hub.

Hosted teams

The WHO CC Directorate hosts a number of collaborative programmes, each working together with external partners to secure a happier and healthier Wales. These include the ACE Support Hub, Early Action Together Programme and the Violence Prevention Unit, who have a shared ambition and vision for Wales to become an ACE aware, trauma informed nation.

These programmes use research and development, knowledge and intelligence to take a public health approach to trauma informed policy and practice and to build more resilient communities in Wales.