‘Preparing for PrEP?’A Review of the Current Evidence for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent HIV infection in Wales

This document provides an overview of the current [March 2017] evidence related to the provision of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention, featuring an extensive review of the available evidence for specific aspects of the subject, analysis of clinical trials, the policy, regulatory and legislative context, and global perspectives. This document was instrumental in the decision to provide PrEP in Wales

Authors: Adam Jones, Zoë Couzens

Global Citizenship for Welsh Health Professionals

This evaluation report outlines results from pilot courses for Global Citizenship Training for NHS Wales health professionals. The pilots build on a scoping questionnaire from 2015 which identified a clear interest in such training. The IHCC worked in collaboration with the WCIA to develop and pilot Global Citizenship training courses in partnership with Cwm Taf University Health Board as part of their international engagement under the Charter for International Health Partnerships (in English only).

Authors: Martin Pollard, Elodie Besnier+ 3 more
, Lauren Couzens, Anna Stielke, Malcolm Ward

Alcohol’s Harms to Others: The Harms from Other People’s Alcohol Consumption in Wales

Internationally, there is growing recognition of the harms that an individual’s alcohol consumption can cause to those around them (referred to as alcohol’s harms to others). Consequently, research into this issue has started to emerge highlighting the nature, extent and costs of alcohol’s harms to others across various populations.

Authors: Zara Quigg, Mark Bellis+ 3 more
, Hannah grey, Jane Webster, Karen Hughes

Making a Difference: Investing in Sustainable Health and Well-being for the People of Wales

This report offers research evidence and expert opinion in support of preventing ill health and reducing inequalities to achieve a sustainable economy, thriving society and optimum health and well-being for the present and future generations in Wales.

Authors: Mariana Dyakova, Teri Knight+ 1 more
, Sian Price

EuroHealthNet Wales Study Visit

The purpose of this Study Visit was to provide an opportunity for sharing ideas and practical approaches for linking the sustainable development agenda and population health and wellbeing across strategic and operational contexts.

Authors: Malcolm Ward, Mariana Dyakova

NHS Wales Staff Perception of Global Citizenship

The IHCC was born from the Welsh Government document ‘Health within and beyond Welsh Borders: An enabling framework for international health engagement’, published in June 2012

Author: Lauren Couzens

The Case for Investing in Prevention: Housing

This is one in a series of short reports examining the case for investment in prevention activities. Each report includes a review of the literature which, while not exhaustive, aims to provide an overview for the reader and sign-post to further information for those requiring greater detail.

Authors: Sara Long, Liz Green+ 3 more
, Joanna Charles, Mark Bellis, Rhiannon Tudor Edwards

Charter for International Health Partnerships in Wales

The Charter for International Health Partnerships in Wales, developed by the International Health Coordination Centre (IHCC), Public Health Wales, is based on Wales’ history of accomplishment and learning in this area and outlines the four foundations of successful international health partnerships. The signatories are Welsh health organisations committed to these foundations, which value and recognise the benefits to our overseas partners as well as the benefits to the NHS and patients in Wales.

Authors: Lauren Couzens, Mark Bellis+ 7 more
, Susan Mably, Malcolm Ward, Chris Riley, Gill Richardson, Beth Haughton, Tony Jewell, Hannah Sheppard

Housing and Health Evidence Review for Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

This guidance document was produced by the Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit (WHIASU) for Public Health Wales to ensure that decisions relating to housing and HIA are made from an evidence-informed standpoint. It is designed to be read in conjunction with Health Impact Assessment: A Practical Guide (Chadderton et al., 2012) which provides detailed guidelines and proformas for carrying out an HIA.

Authors: Ellie Byrne, Eva Elliott+ 2 more
, Liz Green, Julia Lester

A Practical Guide to HIA

The Welsh HIA Guide is a comprehensive and practical toolkit for practitioners and those who may have an interest in using the process as part of their work.

Authors: Chloe Chadderton, Eva Elliot+ 3 more
, Liz Green, Julia Lester, Gareth Williams