Resilience – Understanding the Interdependence Between Individuals and Communities

This report supports action by bringing together evidence and understanding of resilience at an individual and community level and the interdependence between them, how to measure change in resilience (Section 4), and provides an overview of programmes which seek to strengthen resilience at an individual and community level.

Authors: Alisha Davies, Charlotte Grey+ 2 more
, Lucia Homolova, Mark Bellis

How to Make the Case for Sustainable Investment in Well-being and Health Equity: A Practical Guide

Health inequities are not inevitable. Coordinated policy action on the determinants of health combined with well designed and implemented governance approaches have a dual effect on reducing the health gap and improving overall population health. This guide is the first product developed under Public Health Wales’ WHO Collaborating Centre (WHO CC) on Investment for Health and Well-being work programme and outlines four key phases on how to synthesize, translate and communicate public health economics evidence into policy and practice. The interrelated four phases guide the reader through the process of developing evidence-informed products, which are context and target audience specific. The guide aims to (i) prevent disinvestment in health; (ii) increase investment in prevention (public health); and (iii) and mainstream cross-sectoral investment to address the wider determinants of health and equity, driving sustainable development for  prosperity for all. It has been developed based on a mixed-method approach including an evidence review, interviews with national and international experts, and a multisectoral stakeholder consultation which ensured relevance and transferability across sectors, contexts, settings and countries.

Authors: Mariana Dyakova, Kathryn Ashton+ 2 more
, Anna Stielke, Mark Bellis

Making A Difference Housing and Health: A Case for Investment Main Report

This report is an extension of Public Health Wales’ Making a Difference publications and aims to inform, support and advocate for wider health policy and cross-sector approaches and interventions offering benefits to the public, health system, society and the economy. The report summarises the impact housing (across tenure) has on health and well-being across the life course; sets out the case for investing in housing as a determinant of health by identifying which interventions work and offer value for money; and identifies priority areas for preventative action within Wales.

Authors: Ian Watson, Fiona MacKenzie+ 2 more
, Louise Woodfine, Sumina Azam

Health Impact Assessment Training and Capacity Building Framework Technical Document

The Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit have published a framework for training and capacity building in HIA this week. The technical report sets out an underpinning framework for the WHIASU’s approach to the design, development, delivery and evaluation of training and capacity building for HIA over the next five years. The framework is the result of 18 months research, development and engagement. The technical document details a newly developed ‘Skills and Knowledge Framework for HIA’ and a ‘Development Pathway for HIA’ which can inform workforce development and capacity building. The framework has been developed with engagement and feedback from HIA practitioners from Wales and beyond. It has also been designed with the input of key stakeholders including Natural Resources Wales, Local Health Boards, planning officers, environmental health practitioners, and public health specialists.

Authors: Nerys Edmunds, Lee Parry-Williams+ 1 more
, Liz Green

HEAR Study

This study addresses the gaps in knowledge of health services experiences of adult asylum seekers and refugees in Wales, to inform policy and practice with the view to realising Wales’ ambition to become a Nation of Sanctuary, and supporting universal health coverage in line with the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

Authors: Ashrafunessa Khanom, Wdad Alanazy+ 20 more
, Lauren Couzens, Bridie Angela Evans, Lucy Fagan, Alex Glendenning, Matthew Jones, Ann John, Talha Khan, Mark Rhys Kingston, Catrin Manning, Sam Moyo, Alison Porter, Melody Rhydderch, Gill Richardson, Grace Rungua, Daphne Russell, Ian Russell, Rebecca Scott, Anna Stielke, Victoria Williams, Helen Snooks

Associations between childhood deaths and adverse childhood experiences: An audit of data from a child death overview panel.

A study to examine if data routinely collected by child death overview panels (CDOPs) could be used to measure ACE exposure and examine any associations between ACEs and child death categories. Data covering four years (2012-2016) of cases from a CDOP in North West England were studied.

Authors: Hannah Grey, Kat Ford+ 3 more
, Mark Bellis, Helen Lowey, Sara Wood

Biodiversity and Resilience of Ecosystem Duty Report 2019

Public Health Wales’ ‘Biodiversity Duty report’ has been produced in response to the enhanced biodiversity and resilience of ecosystems duty under Section 6 of the Environment (Wales) Act 2016 which requires that public authorities must seek to maintain and enhance biodiversity so far as is consistent with the proper exercise of their functions and in doing so promote the resilience of ecosystems.

The Biodiversity and Resilience of Ecosystems Duty Report 2019 outlines how Public Health Wales has addressed its biodiversity duty under the Environment (Wales) Act 2016 and achieved the actions identified in its Biodiversity Plan, Making Space for Nature.

Author: Richard Lewis

Be the Change – A Healthy Heritage

‘A Healthy Heritage’ highlights some of the practical ways in which we can contribute to Wales’ Well-being Goals by supporting our culture and Welsh language in the workplace.

By preserving and learning from our history and culture we can re-energise, safeguard and share our heritage for future generations.

Our heritage is a key tool to support positive change, people who know more about each other and their local area tend to get more involved in their local communities, building a sustainable future where people feel they belong.

Authors: Richard Lewis, Tracy Evans

Adverse childhood experiences, childhood relationships and associated substance use and mental health in young Europeans

This study combines data from 10 European cross-sectional ACE studies among young adults in educational institutions, to explore ACE prevalence, supportive childhood relationships and health outcomes (early alcohol initiation, problem alcohol use, smoking, drug use, therapy, suicide attempt).

Authors: Karen Hughes, Mark Bellis+ 16 more
, Dinesh Sethi, Rachel Andrew, Yongjie Yon, Sara Wood, Kat Ford, Adriana Baban, Larisa Boderscova, Margarita Kachaeva, Katarzyna Makaruk, Marija Markovic, Robertas Povilaitis, Marija Raleva, Natasa Terzic, Milos Veleminsky, Joanna WÅ‚odarczyk, Victoria Zakhozha

Driving Prosperity for All through Investing for Health and Well-being – An Evidence Informed Guide for Cross-sector Investment

This guide identifies ten key evidence-informed policy opportunities for investment in Wales. Opportunities identified in the report address areas of high burden and cost in Wales, delivering economic as well as social and environmental returns, and supporting sustainable inclusive economic growth. The guide will help decision-makers to implement the Welsh Government’s Prosperity for All national strategy.

Authors: Mariana Dyakova, Mark Bellis+ 4 more
, Sumina Azam, Kathryn Ashton, Anna Stielke, Elodie Besnier

Gambling as a public health issue in Wales 

Gambling is increasingly being recognised as a public health priority. Recent years have seen a rapid growth in the availability and advertising of gambling, driven by factors including relaxed gambling regulations and technological development.

Authors: Robert D. Rogers, Heather Wardle+ 6 more
, Catherine Sharp, Sara Wood, Karen Hughes, Timothy J. Davies, Simon Dymond, Mark Bellis

The Public Health Implications of Brexit in Wales: A Health Impact Assessment Approach

The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) (informally referred to as “Brexit”) is an unprecedented event in UK history, and evidence of the impact of Brexit on a wide range of policy areas is either unknown or highly contested. The Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit, Public Health Wales, has carried out a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to better understand the potential implications of Brexit for future health and well-being in Wales.

Authors: Liz Green, Nerys Edmunds+ 5 more
, Laura Morgan, Rachel Andrew, Malcolm Ward, Sumina Azam, Mark Bellis

Asking about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in health visiting: Findings from a pilot study

This report explores key findings from the evaluation of an initial pilot of ACE enquiry delivered with mothers during early engagement with health visiting services across Anglesey, North Wales. The pilot took place between October 2017 and July 2018 and engaged 321 mothers in a supportive, ACE-informed discussion about childhood adversity and its impacts on health, wellbeing and parenting.

Authors: Katie Hardcastle, Mark Bellis

School-based violence prevention: a practical handbook 

This resource: School-based violence prevention: a practical handbook, is about schools, education and violence prevention. It provides guidance for school officials and education authorities on how schools can embed violence prevention within their routine activities and across the points of interaction schools provide with children, parents and other community members. If implemented, the handbook will contribute much to helping achieve the SDGs and other global health and development goals.

Authors: Sara Wood, Karen Hughes+ 1 more
, Mark Bellis

Be the Change: Sustainable Steps towards Wales’ well-being goals

Be the Change is a movement/campaign to encourage and support staff to take sustainable steps in the workplace to individually contribute towards Wales’ well-being goals.
Following the level of interest in the ‘Be the Change’ e-guides produced for Public Health Wales to-date, the Hub has developed a toolkit to help public bodies and wider stakeholders to adopt ‘Be the Change’ in their places of work. This toolkit aims to provide information and knowledge, but also support staff to become ‘agents of change’ by helping them to make small sustainable changes on an individual level, or by working together as teams.

Does adult alcohol consumption combine with adverse childhood experiences to increase involvement in violence in men and women? A cross-sectional study in England and Wales

A study to examine if, and to what extent, a history of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) combines with adult alcohol consumption to predict recent violence perpetration and victimisation.

Authors: Mark Bellis, Karen Hughes+ 5 more
, Kat Ford, Sara Edwards, Olivia Sharples, Katie Hardcastle, Sara Wood

Do emotions related to alcohol consumption differ by alcohol type? An international cross-sectional survey of emotions associated with alcohol consumption and influence on drink choice in different settings

This article examines the emotions associated with drinking different types of alcohol, whether these emotions differ by socio demographics and alcohol dependency and whether the emotions associated with different drink types influence people’s choice of drinks in different settings.

Authors: Kathryn Ashton, Mark Bellis+ 3 more
, Alisha Davies, Karen Hughes, Adam Winstock

Mass Unemployment Events (MUEs) Prevention and Response from a Public Health Perspective

This publication aims to address the gap caused by the downsizing or closure of a single large employer in a localised area, and provides a public health informed response framework which takes into consideration the impact on the wider determinants of health and the populations affected.

Authors: Alisha Davies, Lucia Homolova+ 2 more
, Charlotte Grey, Mark Bellis