Planning and Health in Wales guide

This is a short guide setting out the key organisations engaged in planning and health, their roles and responsibilities, how they work together and what they produce (policies, strategies, guidance etc.). It also highlights some key publications, data sources and toolkits which support planning and health related work, and information about placemaking and wider determinants.

Development Plan Tracker

This tracker is to enable health professionals to track the process of the development plans in their area. Key dates for each stage of development plan production (when they are known) can be entered into the tracker, and this will enable health professionals to be aware of when their input will be required. Development plan preparation takes several years, and there are crucial points at which health involvement and participation is needed.

Involvement in Local Development Plan (LDP) preparation

This guide sets out the key stages of LDP preparation and what the opportunities are for health input and engagement. Policy planners in each local planning authority will be able to advise on the methods of engagement for their LDP development. Health Boards are a key partner to engage with in LDP preparation in terms of healthcare service planning, and public health input to consider health and well-being of the current and future population.

Planning application response template

Although Local Health Boards are not a statutory consultee for planning applications, they are a key public body who should be consulted on certain applications for example residential led developments. It can be agreed locally as to the scale and nature of development that is consulted on i.e. major residential applications, or residential applications over a certain scale, scope and size, retail units or infrastructure projects. It is also possible for the Local Health Board to make comment on applications that they are not directly consulted on, but that they believe will impact on the health of the population and local healthcare services. They can scan weekly application lists to identify key development applications.

This template provides a guide as to the kind of response that could be provided to a planning officer dealing with a planning application from a Local Health Board, it is not intended that every part of it be used for every application but will depend on the nature of the development being proposed. It covers both strategic planning for healthcare services and public health, looking at the wider determinants of health and the impact of a development on health and well-being. Public Health Wales is a statutory consultee for applications from an environmental health perspective. At a national level this is through the Environmental Public Health Service. Locally, environmental health comments may also be made by the Local Health Boards.

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