Title Author Description Resources
‘The experience of HIA in Wales’ Health Impact assessment: concepts, theory, techniques and applications Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp.201-211 Breeze C (2004) in Kemm J, Parry J and Palmer S (eds) Health effects are often overlooked when planning development projects ranging from new runways at major airport sites to developing water supply systems to improve sanitation. Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is the assessment of the health effects, positive or negative, of a project, programme, or policy. It is therefore concerned with the health of populations and attempts to predict the future consequences for health of decisions which have not yet been implemented. HIA is a new and growing field with numerous schools of thought and areas of controversy. View webpage
A guide to assessing the health and wellbeing impacts of opencast mining (2012) Chloe Chadderton, Eva Elliott and Gareth Williams (WHIASU) A best practice guidance document containing advice on carrying out an HIA on an opencast proposal and presenting the findings of a comprehensive literature review in a usable format for those wishing to undertake an HIA. View resource
A guide to reviewing evidence for health impact assessments Mindell J, Biddulph JP, Boaz A, Boltong A, Curtis S, Joffe M, Lock K, Taylor L This guide provides a step-by-step framework to assist practitioners in reviewing literature for use in a HIA. View resource
Actif Woods Wales 2015 Case Study Lee Parry Williams and Nerys Edmonds with thanks to Kate Hamilton and the Actif Woods team Actif Woods were reviewing their approach and considering changing the focus of the project to a preventative approach rather than targeting people with existing long term conditions. They were also preparing future funding bids and reviewing their approach to evaluation. To understand the health impacts of this proposed change, a HIA screening exercise was conducted using a newly developed HIA screening tool to be used specifically with the Environmental sector. View resource
All Wales Injury Surveillance System The All Wales Injury Surveillance System (AWISS) is population-based, multi-source injury surveillance system, designed to measure injury rates and patterns, in order to support the design and evaluation of injury reduction initiatives, interventions and policies across Wales. View webpage
Assessing the Quality of a HIA report Liz Green A guide to support the review and quality assessment of commissioned HIA reports. View resource
Bandolier The evidence section collects information under a number of health topics. Most of it is medical but the Healthy Living section provides evidence on lifestyle interventions and health. View webpage
Checklist with policy considerations for aligning local development policies and planning decisions with Planning Policy Wales Town & Country Planning Association and WHIASU This checklist forms one of the appendices from 'Planning for Better Health and Well-being in Wales'. View resource
Chief Medical Officer for Wales Includes case studies of HIAs funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and provides access to relevant policy documents and information on other areas of relevant work in public health being conducted in Wales. View webpage
Citizen involvement in a local HIA: Informing decisions on the future of a landfill site in Wales Elliott E, Golby A, and Williams GH (2007) in M Wismar Blau J and Ernst K (eds) The Effectiveness of Health Impact Assessment: Scope and limitations of supporting decision-making in Europe. Brussels: World Health Organization. View resource