The Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit (WHIASU) is based in the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre on ‘Investment for Health and Well-being’, Policy and International Health Directorate, Public Health Wales. It provides an all Wales Service and provides guidance, training, resources and information in relation to the practice of HIA, which is a method of identifying the health and well-being impacts and addressing health inequalities of policies, plans and proposals, and ‘Health in All Policies’ (HiAP).

Our team

Professor Liz GreenProgramme Director for Health Impact Assessment

Kathryn AshtonPrincipal Health Impact Assessment Development Officer

Leah SilvaPrincipal Health Impact Assessment Development Officer

Laura EvansPublic Health Practitioner (Policy and Health Impact Assessment)

Michael FletcherPublic Health Officer (Policy and Health Impact Assessment)

Elsie CarolinPersonal Assistant and Senior Administrative Assistant