The Public Health Implications of Brexit in Wales: A Health Impact Assessment Approach

The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) (informally referred to as “Brexit”) is an unprecedented event in UK history, and evidence of the impact of Brexit on a wide range of policy areas is either unknown or highly contested. The Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit, Public Health Wales, has carried out a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to better understand the potential implications of Brexit for future health and well-being in Wales.

Authors: Liz Green, Nerys Edmonds+ 5 more
, Laura Morgan, Rachel Andrew, Malcolm Ward, Sumina Azam, Mark Bellis

Health in planning assessments

In the latest edition of Planning in London, Michael Chang (Town and Country Planning Association), Liz Green (WHIASU) and Jenny Dunwoody (Arup) provided an overview of opportunities to integrate health considerations in a range of assessments in the process. These include the Strategic Environmental Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment and the Health Impact Assessment. This article is set in the context of the forthcoming London Plan, a statutory strategic planning document for whole of London, which will see Boroughs adopt the policy of using HIAs in the planning applications process. Many of the issues and themes set out in the article will also be relevant and of interest to practitioners in Wales. (pp52-53)

Authors: Michael Chang, Liz Green+ 1 more
, Jenny Dunwoody

Developing a framework for managing the night-time economy in Wales: a Health Impact Assessment approach

This case study outlines the approach of a prospective Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to re-develop an existing reactive framework for managing the night-time economy in Wales. Inclusion of a range of stakeholders in the process enabled the reformulation of realistic proactive objectives which account for both health and well-being. This article highlights the benefits of HIA and can be used to inform future policy developments.

Authors: Kathryn Ashton, Janine Roderick+ 2 more
, Lee Parry-Williams, Liz Green

Quality Assurance Review Framework for Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

This Quality Assurance Review Framework is a critical appraisal tool for HIA. It sets out to ensure that HIA practice in Wales continues to reflect the important values, standards and approaches that have underpinned the development of HIA practice in the country to date.

Authors: Liz Green, Lee Parry-Williams+ 1 more
, Nerys Edmonds

Housing and Health Evidence Review for Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

This guidance document was produced by the Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit (WHIASU) for Public Health Wales to ensure that decisions relating to housing and HIA are made from an evidence-informed standpoint. It is designed to be read in conjunction with Health Impact Assessment: A Practical Guide (Chadderton et al., 2012) which provides detailed guidelines and proformas for carrying out an HIA.

Authors: Ellie Byrne, Eva Elliott+ 2 more
, Liz Green, Julia Lester

A Practical Guide to HIA

The Welsh HIA Guide is a comprehensive and practical toolkit for practitioners and those who may have an interest in using the process as part of their work.

Authors: Chloe Chadderton, Eva Elliot+ 3 more
, Liz Green, Julia Lester, Gareth Williams