Rising to the Triple Challenge of Brexit, COVID-19 and Climate Change for health, well-being and equity in Wales

This report provides a strategic overview of the impact, and interconnectedness, of the enormous events of Brexit, COVID-19
pandemic and climate change. It identifies the key determinants and population groups affected by the Triple Challenge and provides a key example against a determinant.

Authors: Liz Green, Kathryn Ashton+ 7 more
, Michael Fletcher, Adam Jones, Laura Evans, Tracy Evans, Lee Parry-Williams, Sumina Azam, Mark Bellis

‘Health in All Policies’—A Key Driver for Health and Well-Being in a Post-COVID-19 Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised the profile of public health and highlighted the links between health and other policy areas. This paper describes the rationale for, and principles underpinning, HiAP mechanisms, including HIA, experiences, challenges and opportunities for the future.

Authors: Liz Green, Kathryn Ashton+ 3 more
, Mark Bellis, Timo Clemens, Margaret Douglas

Using health impact assessment (HIA) to understand the wider health and wellbeing implications of policy decisions: the COVID-19 ‘staying at home and social distancing policy’ in Wales

This paper focusses on a HIA of the ‘Staying at Home and Social Distancing Policy’ or ‘lockdown’ in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Wales conducted by the Welsh national public health institute. It describes the process and findings, captures the learning and discusses how the process has been used to better understand the wider health and well-being impacts of policy decisions beyond direct health harm. It also examines the role of public health institutes in promoting and using HIA.

Authors: Liz Green, Kathryn Ashton+ 4 more
, Sumina Azam, Mariana Dyakova, Timo Clemens, Mark Bellis

All change. Has COVID-19 transformed the way we need to plan for a healthier and more equitable food environment?

This commentary aims to explore the post-pandemic role of spatial planning as a mechanism for improving public health by highlighting a whole system perspective on the food environment, referring to experiences in Wales as a case study, and concluding with observation on future consumer trends around access to food.

Authors: Michael Chang, Liz Green+ 1 more
, Steve Cummins

A COVID-19 pandemic world and beyond: The public health impact of Home and Agile Working in Wales

Due to the pandemic and policies such as the ‘Staying at Home and Social Distancing policy’, home and agile working has become necessary for many organisations and employees. This HIA aims to identify the impact of this shift in working practice and to articulate the differential impacts of such a change for organisations, the working population of Wales, their families and local communities.

Authors: Liz Green, Richard Lewis+ 5 more
, Laura Evans, Laura Morgan, Lee Parry-Williams, Sumina Azam, Mark Bellis

Recent Advances in Health Impact Assessment and Health in All Policies Implementation: Lessons from an International Convening in Barcelona

This article summarizes proceedings from an international convening of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and Health in All Policies (HiAP) experts held in July 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. The presentations and panel discussions included different models, best practices, and lessons learned, including from government, international banks, think tanks, and academia. Participants discussed ideas from around the world for cross-sector collaboration to advance health.

Authors: Bethany Rogerson, Ruth Lindberg+ 8 more
, Fran Baum, Carlos Dora, Fiona Haigh, Arielle McInnis Simoncelli, Lee Parry-Williams, Genandrialine Peralta, Keshia M. Pollack Porter, Orielle Solar

Process, Practice and Progress: A Case Study of the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of Brexit in Wales

In 2018, the Health impact assessment (HIA) support unit in Wales carried out a comprehensive and unique HIA on the impact of Brexit in Wales. The aims were to understand the differential impacts that Brexit would have on the health and well-being of the population and to provide evidence to inform decision makers across a range of public bodies. This paper reflects on the process of carrying out the HIA and the methods used. It discusses the stages of the HIA, and shares the findings and reflections of implementation which will be beneficial to other HIA practitioners and policy makers.

Authors: Liz Green, Kathryn Ashton+ 2 more
, Nerys Edmonds, Sumina Azam

Health Impact Assessment (HIA): A Comparative Case Study of Sri Lanka and Wales: What Can a Developing Country Learn From the Welsh HIA System?

The health impact assessment (HIA) is increasingly recognized around the world as an effective governance tool to incorporate Health in All Policies to address the wider determinants of health. However, it is still poorly recognized and practiced in many developing countries, including Sri Lanka, where its applicability is most appropriate considering the complexity of social determinants of health and inequalities. This comparative case study aimed to explore the barriers for implementation of HIA in Sri Lanka in the areas of supportive policy framework, institutional infrastructure, capacity-building, and multisectoral collaboration and to compare them with a successful HIA system in a developed country (Wales) with a view toward identifying the “best practices” applicable in a developing country context.

Authors: Yasaswi N Walpita, Liz Green

A Health Impact Assessment of the ‘Staying at Home and Social Distancing Policy’ in Wales in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The HIA outlines the potential health and wellbeing impacts of the Staying at Home and Social Distancing Policy (commonly referred to as ‘Lockdown’) on the population of Wales in the short, medium and long term. It draws upon learning from international evidence, latest data and intelligence and the views of expert stakeholders.

Authors: Liz Green, Laura Morgan+ 5 more
, Sumina Azam, Laura Evans, Lee Parry-Williams, Louisa Petchey, Mark Bellis

Health Impact and Social Value of Interventions, Services, and Policies: A Methodological Discussion of Health Impact Assessment and Social Return on Investment Methodologies

Assessing the positive and negative impact of policies, services and interventions on health and well-being is of great importance to public health. Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and Social Return on Investment (SROI) are established methodologies which assess potential effects on health and well-being, including social, economic and environmental factors, indicating synergies, and cross-over in their approach. Within this paper, we explore how HIA and SROI could complement each other to capture and account for the impact and social value of an assessed intervention or policy.

Authors: Kathryn Ashton, Lee Parry-Williams+ 2 more
, Mariana Dyakova, Liz Green

The Public Health Implications of Brexit in Wales: A Health Impact Assessment approach – A Rapid Review and Update

This is a short supplementary follow up report and builds on a detailed analysis of The Public Health Implications of Brexit in Wales: A Health Impact Assessment Approach, originally published in January 2019, which examines the potential effects of Brexit on the short, medium and long-term health and well-being of people living in Wales.

Authors: Louisa Petchey, Liz Green+ 5 more
, Nerys Edmonds, Mischa Van Eimeren, Laura Morgan, Sumina Azam, Mark Bellis

Health Impact Assessment Training and Capacity Building Framework Technical Document

The Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit have published a framework for training and capacity building in HIA this week. The technical report sets out an underpinning framework for the WHIASU’s approach to the design, development, delivery and evaluation of training and capacity building for HIA over the next five years. The framework is the result of 18 months research, development and engagement. The technical document details a newly developed ‘Skills and Knowledge Framework for HIA’ and a ‘Development Pathway for HIA’ which can inform workforce development and capacity building. The framework has been developed with engagement and feedback from HIA practitioners from Wales and beyond. It has also been designed with the input of key stakeholders including Natural Resources Wales, Local Health Boards, planning officers, environmental health practitioners, and public health specialists.

Authors: Nerys Edmonds, Lee Parry-Williams+ 1 more
, Liz Green