The number and rate of children in local authority care in Wales has been increasing year on year and care experienced individuals are more likely to experience homelessness than other adolescents.
There are various models of practice to support young people when they leave care to prevent an experience of homelessness. The aim of this study was to identify and analyse Welsh, United Kingdom (UK) and international models of response in relation to care experienced individuals (aged 16-25) and homelessness prevention, and to identify promising practice in this field and further areas for improvement.
This study sought to give a voice to care experienced young people. It summarises the international evidence and the lived experience of care experienced individuals and provides suggestions from service providers on new models of care and how these could best be implemented.
It will be of interest to policy makers and housing and social care practitioners alike.

Authors: Claire Beynon, Laura Morgan+ 5 more
, Laura Evans, Oliver Darlington, Louise Woodfine, Lewis Brace, Manon Roberts
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