As a result of the decision to leave the EU, the UK will be developing its own independent trade policy for the first time in over 40 years. This has significant implications for a range of the determinants of health and well-being in Wales including food standards, environmental protection, tobacco and alcohol regulations, as well as economic and working conditions.

WHIASU held a workshop and masterclass with multi agency stakeholders on November 7th 2019 as part of implementing the actions of the Public Health Implications of Brexit: A HIA Approach Main Findings Report (2019). One recommendation from the HIA was that the public health system should consider how to build knowledge, skills and capacity to ensure health and well-being are considered at the forefront of the development of new trade policy.

The event was chaired by the Chief Executive of Public Health Wales, Dr Tracey Cooper, and aimed to build and share knowledge on the new trade policy environment and its potential implications for health and well-being in Wales and also explore how the public health system can engage with the development of new trade policy.

Speakers included policy makers, academic with expertise in the impacts of trade on population health and inequalities, public health

Please click here for a copy of the agenda.


Discussion Notes

Participants also considered the following questions in roundtable discussions:

  • What are the health and well-being priorities for Wales that need to be considered as new trade policy develops?
  • What networks and expertise exist in Wales that could support this agenda?
  • Do we need to do more to build our capacity to engage and influence trade policy in Wales? If so what is needed?
  • What specific tools, methods or approaches should be taken to influencing trade policy?

Notes from the discussions can be accessed here

Useful additional resources and links on trade and health:

Faculty of Public Health (2019) Negotiating a “healthy” trade policy for the UK: A blueprint for a public health approach to post- Brexit trade agreements

PETRA an interdisciplinary expert community, exploring how international trade can improve human health and prevent non-communicable diseases

Next Steps

Understanding implications of new trade policy and agreements on population health and well-being in Wales and building capacity in the public health system for developing healthy trade policy will be a continuing part of WHIASU’s work plan for 2020-21. Please contact [email protected] for further information.