Today the WHIASU team have published ‘Rising to the Triple Challenge of Brexit, COVID-19 and climate change for health, wellbeing and equity in Wales’. 

The report provides a strategic overview of the cumulative and interconnected health and well-being impacts of Brexit, COVID-19 pandemic and climate change in Wales and the ‘triple challenge’ that this poses for the population.

It identifies the key social determinants and population groups affected by this Triple Challenge and provides some key examples along with the pathways of impact for example, the content of Free Trade Agreements. The report is aimed at a wide range of audiences including public bodies, public health and policy officials but will also have huge relevance to the Third Sector and wider civil society. This is the first output in a series in relation to the health impacts of the Triple Challenge and underpins future work to explore the interconnections using a multi-focal lens.

If you need any further information then please contact Kath Ashton [email protected] or Liz Green [email protected]