Collaboration between policy makers and practitioners in spatial planning with colleagues in health is vital in order to maximise health and well-being opportunities in the recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report from Public Health Wales.

The report is being published ahead of an event ‘Creating healthy places and spaces: a collaborative approach’ which looks at how to join up planning and health and maximise recovery from COVID-19. The event will be providing some practical ways of doing this and taking forward recommendations from this report.

This report aims to highlight the major positive and negative health impacts of spatial planning policies during the COVID-19 pandemic on the population of Wales, learn from these, any positive interventions and co-benefits in order to shape a healthier future environment for all.

It shows that early involvement and joined up working across multiple disciplines can help to address the interconnected challenges that have emerged and deepened since the pandemic, and that this approach should be implemented on an all-Wales basis.

‘Maximising health and well-being opportunities for spatial planning in COVID-19 pandemic recovery’ is part of a series of reports that that will help inform and enable healthier future environments.

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