The Welsh Government announced last week that under the new Public Health (Wales) Act 2017, all local authorities in Wales will have one year to develop a public toilet strategy. These strategies should address the health and wellbeing needs of all groups within society, especially those considered to have additional needs e.g. people with disabilities and parents of young children. It is expected that local authorities will also engage with members of the community to understand what changes need to be made. In 2017, a comprehensive HIA on the provision of public toilets in Anglesey, North Wales was completed and published by Huw Arfon Thomas, Environmental Health Operations Manager, Anglesey CC (with support from WHIASU). The HIA was used to support and inform the development of the National Strategy which has resulted in the new LA requirement.

This announcement clearly demonstrates the impact and influence that HIA can have on national government policy, and ultimately on the health and wellbeing of the population. Further statutory guidance will be published by the Welsh Government in the coming weeks.

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