Welsh Health Equity Solutions Platform - acronym WHESP

The Welsh Health Equity Solutions Platform will act as a repository of information, case studies, and previous interventions used to help combat inequity and share good practice in Wales.
The platform features searchable data tools and a report-generating function which allows users to input their search terms and produce outputs related to those terms. The platform also offers a spotlight feature that can be used to highlight particular solutions or themes.
The team will develop the platform over time to add additional content and features.

Authors: Rebecca Hill, Jo Peden+ 12 more
, Lauren Couzens (née Ellis), Mariana Dyakova, Daniela Stewart, James Allen, Liz Green, Rebecca Masters, Leah Silva, Sara Cooklin-Urbano, Golibe Ezenwugo, Abigail Malcolm (née Instone), Jason Roberts, Rajendra Kadel
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