This comprehensive and participatory Health Impact Assessment (HIA) explores the health and well-being impact of COVID-19 on housing and housing insecurity, and looks at the importance of having a consistent home that is of good quality, affordable, and feels safe. It also considers security of tenure in relation to stability, and being able to maintain a roof over one’s head and ultimately prevent homelessness. It is the third in a series, which focus on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the population of Wales including the ‘Staying at Home and Social Distancing Policy’ and the impact of home and agile working. This report can be read in conjunction with these and the sections on housing and home working within them.

Authors: Louise Woodfine, Liz Green+ 9 more
, Laura Evans, Lee Parry-Williams, Christian Heathcote-Elliott, Charlotte Grey, Yoric Irving-Clarke, Matthew Kennedy, Catherine May, Sumina Azam, Mark Bellis
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