This report presents initial findings from a survey of adult residents in Wales on their perceptions of climate change and health. Whilst work to understand and mitigate climate change is gaining momentum in Wales, there remains a lack of information on population views and behaviours. Such data are critical for the co-creation of effective and acceptable approaches to climate change that help protect public health; the targeting of key messages and information; and the establishment of long-term solutions across Wales that will continue to be supported across multiple generations. To address this gap, a public survey was developed to seek the population’s views about climate change, its relationship with health, their current climate friendly behaviours, their willingness to engage in action, and views on policy solutions. This report presents initial findings from the survey, providing population-level views on climate change among adult residents in Wales.

Authors: Sara Wood, Karen Hughes+ 3 more
, Rebecca Hill, Natasha Judd, Mark Bellis
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