The Charter for International Health Partnerships (the Charter) was launched in 2014, in recognition of the need for a more coherent and consistent approach to international partnerships, and conform to and compliment Welsh aspirations, principles and ethics. With the Charter, we hope to strengthen the commitment of Welsh stakeholders to evidence-based practice, shared learning and international partnerships based on equality and the pursuit of mutual, tangible benefits.

The Charter is based on Wales’ history of accomplishment and learning in the field of international health, identifying four foundations of successful international health partnerships. The four foundations are laid out to ensure a clear and consistent approach to international engagement and are of equal importance.

The Charter For International Partnerships is available here (link) and the Charter Implementation Toolkit is available here (link to resource)

In 2019, as part of the celebration of the first 5 successful years of the Charter, the IHCC and their partners across Wales have launched the Charter Implementation Toolkit, a collection of tools and resources complied to provide support to NHS Wales’ and  stakeholders to  achieve their international healthcare aims. The Charter Toolkit is available here