The International Health Coordinating Centre (IHCC), WHO Collaborating Centre on Investment for Health and Well-being, Public Health Wales has launched the first Global Citizenship e-Learning resource for the NHS. This free online learning platform is aimed at health professionals, and all in the NHS in Wales, who are interested in learning more about Global Citizenship (GC), what it means to our everyday lives, understanding international perspectives and health professional’s experiences and how we can contribute, help with solutions and become more globally aware in and outside of work.

Split into six modules, a core and five ‘deep dives’, the modules cover subjects such as; aid and development, rights based health, globalisation, climate change and peace and conflict. This resource is easy to access on the NHS electronic learning platform, Learning@Wales, and is interactive, colourful, easy to use and acts as an invaluable resource for all NHS professionals.

Please see the flyer attached for more information on the modules and how to access them online.

The resource has been commissioned by Public Health Wales, in junction with the Welsh Centre for International Affairs and Oxfam Cymru and is being launched today at the Wales and Africa Health Conference 2021.