Launched in 2014 the International Health Coordination Centre (IHCC) developed the Charter for International Health Partnerships in Wales (the Charter). The Charter sets out common values and principles for international work across the NHS based on the four foundations of successful partnerships:

1.            Organisational Responsibilities,

2.            Reciprocal Partnership Working

3.            Good Practice

4.            Sound Governance

Since the establishment of the Charter five years ago, Health Boards and Trusts have worked collaboratively to develop their existing international programmes and to implement mechanisms for working outside  Welsh borders in effective and appropriate ways. In 2019, as part of the celebration of the first 5 successful years of the Charter, the IHCC and their partners across Wales have launched the Charter Implementation Toolkit, a collection of tools and resources complied to provide support to NHS Wales’ and  stakeholders to  achieve their international healthcare aims.

The Charter Implementation Toolkit has been developed from the lessons learned along the way, compiling examples of best practice and providing a robust governance framework to support  international health activity. Designed as a ‘living document’, the Toolkit will be updated with new and revised documentation  as necessary, enriching and advancing the collection of tools and assist the signatories of the Charter to successfully and consistently implement the principles of the Charter.

To access the Charter Implementation Toolkit, please follow the link below: