The International Health Coordination Centre (IHCC) has published a new report highlighting its achievements in supporting implementation of the Charter for International Health Partnerships in Wales.

The latest IHCC Progress Report outlines the work, progress and achievements from 2015 to 2017 made by the IHCC and the Welsh Health Boards and Trusts in this field. It also shows how the IHCC has evolved in relation to global, UK, national and local developments. Some of the key achievements from the last two years include:

  • Benchmarking the implementation of the Charter for International Health Partnerships in Wales, measuring progress and noting successful strategies for wider implementation
  • Strengthening the role of the Charter Implementation Group to lead on the development and dissemination of best practice whilst aligning to national policy and legislation
  • Building and strengthening partnerships with health organisations around the world, facilitating international collaboration and income generation across the NHS

Dr Gill Richardson, Chair of the Charter Implementation Group and Assistant Director for Policy Research and International Development at Public Health Wales said: “Support for global health involvement comes from the very highest level in Wales, and is endorsed by the First Minister, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services and Future Generations Commissioner.

“The activity that Health Boards and Trusts are engaged in internationally is truly inspirational, from those that visit, those that support from Wales, and those that receive international visitors. We look forward to maintaining this momentum as we work together to achieve the Charter’s goals in future years.”

The IHCC supports the Globally Responsible aspects of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act and assists NHS Wales Health Boards and Trusts to participate in international learning and exchange opportunities, reciprocal partnership working and good practice. The first IHCC Progress Report highlighted significant accomplishments within its first two years of work (2013-15).

Dr Richardson explained: “The IHCC has made substantial gains in furthering international learning and good practice in Wales, all achieved with minimal resource.

“Working in close collaboration with national and international partners, the IHCC has focused its work on the four priorities identified by the Charter: organisational responsibilities; reciprocal partnership working; good practice; and sound governance.”

Hosted by Public Health Wales, the IHCC brings together all NHS Wales Health Boards and Trusts, the NHS Confederation and key partners including the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner and Wales for Africa Health Links network to form a unique platform for information sharing, knowledge exchange, collaboration, and networking. The responsibilities placed on Health Boards and Trusts under the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act Globally Responsible Goal are driving the work of the IHCC forward.

Dr Richardson continued: “As the Charter implementation progresses, it will be essential for the IHCC and our collaborating partners to maintain momentum to achieve the Charter’s goals.

Over the next two years, the IHCC will consolidate its achievements in implementing the Charter. We will also seek out and create new opportunities to increase Wales’ visibility and influence beyond our borders, including linking with NHS Scotland on their exciting Global Citizenship agenda“, she concluded.

Established in 2013, the IHCC has worked to build a strong national network of stakeholders, forged links with international partners and networks, and is driving improvements to health in Wales and overseas.

In Wales, all Health Boards and Trusts pledged to implement the Charter of International Health Partnerships in 2014 . The Charter Implementation Group oversees progress and includes representatives from each body. This ensures shared leadership and collaboration with exchange of knowledge and experience, the development of joint products and the building and strengthening international health partnerships and learning exchanges.

Read or download the IHCC progress report 2015-2017.