ACEtimation-The Combined Effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Violence, Health-Harming Behaviors, and Mental Ill-Health: Findings across England and Wales

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) encompass various adversities, e.g., physical and/or emotional abuse. Understanding the effects of different ACE types on various health outcomes can guide targeted prevention and intervention. We estimated the association between three categories of ACEs in isolation and when they co-occurred. Specifically, the relationship between child maltreatment, witnessing violence, and household dysfunction and the risk of being involved in violence, engaging in health-harming behaviors, and experiencing mental ill-health.

Authors: Rebekah Amos, Katie Cresswell+ 2 more
, Karen Hughes, Mark Bellis

Is parental unemployment associated with increased risk of adverse childhood experiences? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Unemployment has adverse consequences for families and can put children at risk of harm. This review examines associations between parental unemployment and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Findings highlight that increasing employment opportunities and parental support interventions may help break multigenerational cycles of ACEs.

Authors: Natasha Judd, Karen Hughes+ 3 more
, Mark Bellis, Katie Hardcastle, Rebekah Amos

Parental adverse childhood experiences and perpetration of child physical punishment in Wales

In 2022, Wales joined the growing number of countries to ban physical punishment of children in all settings. Using data collected a year prior to legislative change, this study explores relationships between Welsh parents’ exposure to ACEs whilst growing up and their use of physical punishment towards children.

Authors: Karen Hughes, Kat Ford+ 2 more
, Mark Bellis, Rebekah Amos