A Health Impact Assessment of the ‘Staying at Home and Social Distancing Policy’ in Wales in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The HIA outlines the potential health and wellbeing impacts of the Staying at Home and Social Distancing Policy (commonly referred to as ‘Lockdown’) on the population of Wales in the short, medium and long term. It draws upon learning from international evidence, latest data and intelligence and the views of expert stakeholders.

Authors: Liz Green, Laura Morgan+ 5 more
, Sumina Azam, Laura Evans, Lee Parry-Williams, Louisa Petchey, Mark Bellis

Three Horizons Toolkit

The Horizon toolkit can help public bodies and people in general to think and plan for the longer term rather than being so stuck in the here and now that they miss the opportunities , don’t spot risks or make decisions that don’t stand the test of time.

Author: Louisa Petchey

Young People and Brexit

In the years that have followed the European Union (EU) referendum in 2016, Brexit has seldom been out of the news. Despite considerable activity, there was still uncertainty around Brexit at the time of this research; not just around the logistics of if, when and how the UK might leave the EU but also what the implications of Brexit might be for the UK and for Wales – or even what effect the last few years might already have had.

Authors: Louisa Petchey, Angharad Davies+ 3 more
, Samuel Urbano, Sumina Azam, Alisha Davies

The Public Health Implications of Brexit in Wales: A Health Impact Assessment approach – A Rapid Review and Update

This is a short supplementary follow up report and builds on a detailed analysis of The Public Health Implications of Brexit in Wales: A Health Impact Assessment Approach, originally published in January 2019, which examines the potential effects of Brexit on the short, medium and long-term health and well-being of people living in Wales.

Authors: Louisa Petchey, Liz Green+ 5 more
, Nerys Edmunds, Mischa Van Eimeren, Laura Morgan, Sumina Azam, Mark Bellis