International Health Coordination Centre

The International Health Coordination Centre (IHCC) is a unique whole-of-Wales programme of work, promoting and facilitates international health partnerships to maximise potential gains for the people in Wales and beyond. The IHCC promotes a culture of global citizenship and supporting a health system, which is globally responsible, as well as more equal, resilient, sustainable and prosperous.

Welsh Health Equity Status Report initiative

The Welsh Health Equity Status Report initiative (WHESRi) is being modelled on the European Health Equity Status Report initiative (HESRi) developed by the World Health Organization and its European Office for Investment for Health and Development in Venice, Italy (the Venice Office). The overall aim of the WHESRi is to provide an up-to-date dynamic picture of health inequities, their burdens, determinants and related policies in Wales, in order to inform solutions and investment prioritisation and facilitate a joint cross-sector whole-of-government, whole-of-society policy dialogue and action. The WHESRi was partially established prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and has now been reoriented to specifically focus on the wider impacts of health inequalities/ inequities in the context of the ongoing pandemic.

The Welsh Health Equity Solutions Platform

The Welsh Health Equity Solutions Platform (WHESP) forms a key part of the WHESRi and is in the early stages of development. The WHESP will provide an easy to access and navigate portal / gateway to available data, evidence, legislation, policies, tools and practical solutions to reduce health inequity and improve health and well-being in Wales. It will be used to support and inform decision-making, investment prioritisation and policy action, and to monitor progress toward creating the conditions for everyone in Wales to live a healthy life.

Evidencing Value/Value-Based Public Health

To support decision-making and prioritisation towards sustainable investment for well-being and health equity, the WHO CC has also commenced the Evidencing Value/Value-Based Public Health project. This project will measure the holistic social, economic and environmental value and return on investment of public health services and interventions, including health protection, health improvement, health promotion and enabling programmes, using relevant economic and other evaluation methods. Part of this programme of work is the development of an interactive database, which will contain a range of evidence to create estimates of social value, and to generate more tailored estimates referred to as ‘synthetic estimates’ for actual or potential health interventions in Wales.