The International Health Coordination Centre (IHCC) is a unique whole-of-Wales programme of work, bringing together all Health Boards and NHS Trusts. It promotes and facilitates international health partnerships, serving as a focal point for information sharing, knowledge exchange, collaboration and networking across the UK, Europe and the world.

The IHCC aims to maximise potential gains for the people in Wales and beyond, promoting a culture of global citizenship and supporting a health system, which is globally responsible, as well as more equal, resilient, sustainable and prosperous.


In 2014, the IHCC launched The Charter for International Health Partnerships (the Charter). The Charter was developed by the IHCC in collaboration with partners across the NHS in Wales in recognition of the need for a more coherent and consistent approach to international partnerships, and conform to and compliment Welsh aspirations, principles and ethics. With the Charter, we hope to strengthen the commitment of Welsh stakeholders to evidence-based practice, shared learning and international partnerships based on equality and the pursuit of mutual, tangible benefits.

The Charter is based on Wales’ history of accomplishment and learning in the field of international health, identifying four foundations of successful international health partnerships.
In 2019, the Charter celebrated its 5th anniversary, welcoming new signatories and members to its coordinating function; the Charter Implementation Group.