Public Health Wales is adopting an International Health Strategy, the first of its kind for the organisation. The strategy, which is an underpinning strategy to our Integrated Medium Term Plan, will support the implementation of our strategic priorities by enabling the organisation to have a stronger international impact, links and role in global health; effective cross-organisational and cross-NHS engagement; and leading expertise in investment for health, well-being and sustainable development nationally and internationally.

Our international engagement and work over the next ten years is going to be shaped by three underpinning strategic priorities:

  • Maximise applied international learning and support innovation for public health
  • Develop globally responsible people and organisations
  • Strengthen Wales’ global health approach

These are supported by six strategic objectives, including: strengthen and develop networks and partnerships; facilitate change and innovation; establish international reputation and visibility; ensure sound governance and coherence; support capacity building and sustainability and promote an enabling environment and a culture of global citizenship.

Mariana Dyakova, Consultant in Public Health and Lead for International Health Development said: “Our vision is to become a globally responsible, World leading and inspiring public health agency, achieving a healthier, happier and fairer Wales.

“We aspire to scale up our international activity, impact and assets and to become an effective, efficient and innovative focal point for international and global health work across the NHS and Wales, providing leadership and expertise. We aim to ‘walk the walk’, strengthening our organisational commitment, responsibility and capacity, making the best use of available resources.”

The strategy has been developed through a wide consultation process, supported by a literature review and mapping of international work and collaborations across the organisation. It supports the successful delivery of Public Health Wales national role, strategic plan, priorities and well-being objectives. It also complements existing strategic documents, such as the Research and Development strategy and the Quality and Impact Framework, as well as the knowledge mobilisation cycle.

Welcoming the document, Dr Tracey Cooper, Chief Executive of Public Health Wales said: “The International Health Strategy strengthens our organisation’s commitment to improving health and wellbeing reducing health inequalities in Wales and beyond. It provides an opportunity to share our expertise across the globe, adopt the learning from the best and support global health security and sustainable development.”

The period of 2017/18 will focus on the development of an implementation plan including monitoring and evaluation, and a governance framework, structures and processes.

The strategy was launched on the 5th June 2017 and offered an opportunity to showcase some of the international projects taking place across the organisation as well as to engage with key external stakeholders, such as the Welsh Government and academia. It supports the implementation of Public Health Wales’ national role and strategic priorities.

For further information, read Our International Health Strategy.