As the UK moves to leave the EU, First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones and leader of Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood published a White Paper that sets out the main issues for Wales in Brexit negotiations on the 23rd January 2017.

This document identifies six areas that the Welsh Government wants addressing as part of the negotiation process, including: the Single Market and international trade, migration, finance and investment, constitutional and devolution issues, social and environmental protections and values, and transitional arrangements.

In addition, the National Assembly for Wales’ External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee published its first report on the Implications for Wales of leaving the EU.

Find out more about Wales’ involvement in the Brexit negotiations on the Welsh Government’s website.

On January the 17th 2017, the current prime minister Theresa May informed Britain about the plan the UK government will apply to negotiate Brexit. The plan includes 12 priorities outlining post-Brexit visions about future relationships with EU and non-EU countries, including  control of own laws, trade agreements, science and innovation as well as immigration. Theresa May specifically outlined the importance of maintaining an independent and self-governing Britain, while seeking new and equal partnerships and sustaining existing allies in the EU. To receive more information please visit the UK Government website.