During the week of 26th September, the staff at Cwm Taf University Health Board were talking about healthcare projects abroad more than ever before.

A series of events were organised to showcase and celebrate the fantastic work that the staff have been involved in, as well as raising the profile of the IHCC’s Charter for International Health Partnerships and what it means for the health board.

Two celebration events were held at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital and Prince Charles Hospital where key speakers were invited to share stories of their international experiences. The audiences heard about the set up of motorbike ambulances in Uganda, facial reconstruction surgery in Nepal and a brand new project that will see UK doctors supervising the training of newly qualified medical staff across Vanuatu islands.

The events highlighted funding opportunities from Hub Cymru Africa as well as the significance of the IHCC. There were opportunities for staff to express interest in getting involved, and even an interactive ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ style question session all about international health work. The week also saw stalls at both of the main sites to encourage more staff to find out about the exciting international health projects and how to get involved in fundraising or volunteering their time.

One member of staff was so inspired by the stories over the week she decided that any sponsorship received for running the Cardiff half marathon would be donated to these projects – a total of £300 was raised in just a few days!

So who arranged all this? The 2016 cohort of Cwm Taf graduate management trainees were given the task as their first team project. The project involved meeting with key players who have carried out work abroad to find out their achievements and challenges. All the stories now have a place on the brand new International Health Partnership pages on Cwm Taf UHB’s intranet site which has been created by the trainees.

All in all the project has seen some fantastic outcomes which have really raised the profile of international health partnerships across the health board:

  • Over 80 Pennies From Heaven Sign Up forms were taken by staff members
  • Over 60 attendees at the organised events
  • 21 expressions of interest to get involved
  • Over £300 raised in donations and fundraising
  • Many offers of support and donations from staff of all professions

The celebration week really engaged staff at Cwm Taf UHB and got everyone talking about international health work. The enthusiasm of our staff members has been really encouraging and we will continue to promote international health partnerships and the fantastic work that our colleagues are doing around the world.

Source: International Health Coordination Centre